Aims of the programme

The certificate level is a general foundation stage for professional studies in banking under the Institute of Bankers and provides a general overview of the areas of study and specialisation.

After completing the certificate stage, student members will be expected to apply the knowledge covered in the various courses of study in the various operations at their work place.

Areas of study

The courses offered at certificate banking are as follows:

Part A

Course Code                              Course Title

  1. IOBM–C104              Introduction to Banking
  2. IOBM–C101              Introduction to Business Accounting                     
  3. IOBM–C105              Introduction to Business Communication             
  4. IOBM–C108              Basic Principles of Law                                          

Part B

Course Code                                   Course Title

  1. IOBM–C106              Introduction to Economics                                       
  2. IOBM–C102              Customer Service                                                    
  3. IOBM–C103              Fundamentals of Business Statistics                    
  4. IOBM–C107              Management                                                           

Student members of Institute of Bankers in Malawi are expected to study and pass all eight subjects offered at this level to qualify for the award of Certificate in Banking.

Entry requirements for certificate stage

The minimum entry qualification requirement to certificate in banking is a full Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or its equivalent with credits in Mathematics and English.

Duration of study

The study period is very flexible in order to accommodate interests of various individuals and the Institute conducts examinations in the month of May and November annually.  Candidates are allowed to study and sit for a maximum of four subjects during each exam period at the certificate stage.  However, candidates will also be allowed to take less than four subjects but the order of subjects have to be maintained i.e. candidates should pass all subjects in Part “A” before attempting subjects in Part “B”.

The exception to this rule will be where a candidate has already passed two or more subjects from Part “A” and would like to seat for four subjects. In such circumstances candidates will be allowed to take the remaining subjects from Part A and the balance to make up for four subjects from Part “B”.  There will be no restrictions to the number of attempts candidates can make towards the certificate in banking qualification.