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This month’s update will only cover May 2019 examinations. I hope you are seriously revising your work as we only have two weeks to the examination week. These remaining weeks can really make a difference if you focus on the examinations, please make sure that your hay is made while the sun still shines.

To avoid inconveniencing those that have paid for the examinations fees, you will be required to display both your receipt from the Institute and the identity card before writing the examinations. 
All new students are being advised that IDs are ready for collection at IOB offices. If you do not have your ID, please check with Mr. Simeji Moya by emailing him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contacting him on 0881264063. Lilongwe and Mzuzu Students, your IDs will be given to you at the examination centre. Please ask the invigilator for assistance.
A final list of those that are to write examinations will be posted on the website by 3 May 2019. If you are keeping your deposit slip, please bring it to the Institute for your name to be on the list. At all examination centres, names of candidates writing examinations will be put up on the notice boards. This will be the list that will be on the website and forwarded to you on WhatsApp.

Please note that anyone who will be found cheating during examinations will have all her/his scripts not marked. This does not matter whether you cheated in one subject or not. Cheating is a crime and it is not allowed.

We remind you yet again to carefully follow instructions both from the invigilators and those on examination papers.
 Visit the toilets before examinations start. Once examinations are in progress, no one will be allowed to leave the room unless you are through with your paper 30 minutes before time.
 Anyone under doctor’s instructions is supposed to bring a letter from the hospital.
 Make sure that you surrender your card and examination slip separately and do not go home with the script. If this happens, the paper will not be marked and the candidate will not be allowed to sit for the examination for a period of two years.

Remember that examinations start at 8:00 and any late comer who comes at 8:15 am will not be allowed to sit for examinations and it will be deemed that you have written examination.

Please not that a 50% of examination fee payment will be needed upon any deferment. No deferments are allowed after 30th April 2019 unless it is those of natural causes. Please note that those students who will bring excuses after 30 April 2019 will not be entertained.

All Students are being informed that transcript processing fee has been revised to K10,000 per level. The fee should be deposited at the bank before coming to IOB offices

Examiners have complained that from the marked scripts most of the candidates seemed that they were unprepared for examinations. Please prepare thorough for the May examinations and remember to check for the followings:
a) To check your spellings and grammar before handing over the paper
b) To write your student number on the answer sheet. Please, do not write your names on the answer sheets. The Institute will make sure that all students have their numbers before the date of the examination. In case you forget your number, ask the IOB official who is stationed at the centre. Answer books without examination numbers will not be marked.
c) You are advised to tackle all analytical questions as you gain more marks in these questions.
d) At certificate level, you only pass a paper if you have passed both sections.
e) Do not choose topics when studying. Make sure you cover all the topics in the syllabus.
f) Access IOB past papers on to have a picture on how questions are asked
g) Group discussions help.