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Welcome to our third edition of students’ newsletter. The newsletter is meant to furnish you with necessary information for your studies.

newsletter april coverThis is an upgraded version of the monthly updates that we share with you. The newsletter will be a constant reminder that your studies are a continuous circle. IOB want to engage with you and we believe that you will also engage with us.

Please be informed that IOB will continue administering examinations twice a year and I believe that you will prepare well for examinations. It pains to see some people struggling with examinations because of unpreparedness.
You are all being advised to make sure that you complete your studies within the prescribed period. Our policy states that once you engage in a particular level, you need to complete it within a period of five years, otherwise all the accumulated credit will be lost. The prescribed time starts in 2019. So, if you have studied certificate, diploma or advanced diploma for the past four years, make sure that this level is completed by 2019.  IOB will assess this based on your student number which has the year you registered with the Institute.
I am happy to announce that the curriculum review is in process. Once this is finalised, new and updated modules will be developed to suit the new curriculum. We will keep you updated on this project. The whole process will take two and half years since we want to give you value for your money.
A new development has also been done, third week of April we will upload all our current modules on our website for easy access, so that you prepare for your examinations for those who have laptops. Remember to use other reference materials to widen your understanding.
IOB still uphold the essence of ethical and moral values. As Bankers, you are expected to be honest, disciplined and of high integrity. IOB will mould you in this way so that when you go out there you carry the flag of IOB high and add value to the banking Industry. Charity begins at home and your home for sure is IOB.

Last but not least, is to remind the students who have not renewed their 2018 membership to do so. This is what defines you as an IOB student member. Without membership you will not be our member for that year. Enjoy reading the newsletter and do not forget to give us feedback and articles.