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How time flies! It is almost the end of the year and we praise God for His mercies that have seen us throughout the year.


We celebrate your presence with us in 2017 and we believe that you will continue with your studies in 2018. The examinations are being marked and some have already finished marking. November Exams will be released January 2018. We believe that those who really put more effort in their work, great rewards will be received in terms of passing with high marks. Remember, we always reap what we sow. The Institute would like to encourage all to pay for May 2018 examinations fees so that you get your mind in school mode by January 2018.



Please be advised that all students that have completed their Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in banking and have not collected their certificates yet, should come and collect their certificates. Failure to collect, a storage fee of MWK2,000 will be charged starting from January 2018. A list of students whom their certificates are with the Institute of Bankers in Malawi (IOBM) will be posted on IOBM website.


The Institute of Bankers in Malawi, kindly reminds all students that have not paid membership fee for 2017 to do so. Please note that IOBM has the right to expel all Non- members. No subscription fee means that you are not a member of IOB. Integrity of a banker starts now!!!
In the same manner, you are reminded that subscription of 2018 falls on 1st January and all students are expected to pay by 5th February 2018. The membership fee will still be MWK20,000.



The examinations for November 2017 are over.  We advise all students to be prepared before the exam since a lot of money is paid for the fees. Two candidates were caught cheating during the November 2017 sitting and as the rule states, all papers for this semester of the two candidates will not be marked.
You are being reminded that should a student want to defer examinations, at least one month notice before the examinations should be given to the Institute and not when examinations have started.
We have noted that students have developed a tendency of taking examination scripts out when the paper was not what was expected. Please be advised that this is another form of cheating. The Institute of Bankers cannot condone this as bankers need to be people of integrity.

Exam in progress
One of the examinations in progress.


Please make sure that all payments should indicate the services being paid for. For example, if it is examination fees, indicate the number of subjects for that particular level (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) at the back of the deposit slip and make sure that your centre is written down.
We usually have late submission of deposit slips from Lilongwe and Mzuzu, would you please organize yourselves so that by 31st March and 30th September of each year, we have them in our custody in case of late payment. Do not hand in your deposit slips at the examination centres, that will be late payment.
We need the deposit slips for registers. Starting from 2018, if you are not on register, then you will not have your examination paper ready. Only those that will pay by 31st March 2018, will have their examinations printed and will write examinations. All those that have paid examinations, will be posted at the entrance of the IOBM office door and on our website and will be invited by IOBM to sit for examinations.
You will be required to display both your student card and receipt of examination fees for each and every examination paper to be written. Remember integrity and professionalism is of utmost importance to a banker.


All students from Mzuzu should take note that examinations will only be administered once in a year in May. This is a business decision management had to take painfully due to the low number of students writing examinations. We will continue to monitor the numbers, and should there be no improvement, then Mzuzu centre will be closed.  IOBM therefore advises all students in Mzuzu who want to write examinations in November 2018 to register under Lilongwe centre.


All students that are re-sitting for a particular subject are required to pay for the examination fees. We do not encourage students to go for remarking but if you wish to do so, this is done at owners’ risks as remarking does not mean passing examinations. We only encourage students that have passed between 43- 49% to apply for remarking as the probability of passing is a bit high. Anyone, with less than 43% is very risky.


All students that confirm for graduation and do not show up on the graduation day will still be liable to pay for the graduation gown. Please note that upon your confirmation, we hire the gown on your behalf and if a student does not

attend the graduation, it is a cost to IOBM.
This cost will now be transferred into your account and you will not be able to see your results for the other semester until this is settled. For those that will have completed Advanced Diploma, this will be a disciplinary issue and you will be called for a hearing. Remember, the banks will require references from us and these are some of the issues that can be highlighted in your reports.


We are here to serve you better. Please note that your first point of call is the reception, where you will find Mr. Simeji Moya to help. He will refer you to the appropriate office should you need further assistance or extra information.
In case, you have a query and you have not been assisted, you are free to ask Mr. Moya to book you an appointment with our Head of Learning, Mrs. Nitta Ganizani. This is only to be done if you have not been assisted properly.


Be informed that IOBM has a student body that represent your interest. IOBM is willing to work with the Union for the betterment of all. Some announcements will be made through the Union. We believe you will corporate with each other as an entity to uplift your lives.




The Institute has updated its website for easy interaction with you, our valued member students. The website includes recent past papers, student updates, useful links, Student MIS login and Syllabus just to mention a few. You are therefore encouraged to be checking news and announcements regularly on the website. All upcoming events and news will be posted on the website for your information. Any suggested improvements are very welcome. We really value your ideas.
IOB Website
Homepage of our website


We encourage all students to frequently use the internet as some useful information can be found on the internet that can help you as you are learning. The Institute would like to advise students to check their emails regularly. The examinations results will be sent straight to your email account. So please, check that your email is working and if you have changed the address, please advise IOB in good time before examinations are out.

  • Student meeting in first quarter of 2018, exact dates will be communicated
  • Coaching classes



News Update
On 13 October 2017 the Institute of Bankers in Malawi scheduled the 9th graduation ceremony at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre. Over 220 graduates were awarded Certificate, Diploma and Advanced diploma in banking. A summary of the event is as below:
december 20171. Some of the graduating students during the ceremony
2. Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Bankers in Malawi, Mrs. Nkungula making her speech during the graduation ceremony
3. Chairman of Institute of Bankers in Malawi, Mr Quottara making his speech during the graduation ceremony
4.One of the Life time members of Institute of Bankers in Malawi, Professor Kazamira receiving an award.
5. One of the students graduating
6. One of the best students in Diploma receiving her award and prize.
7. The best students in certificate, diploma and advanced diploma pose for a photo with the Chairman of IOBM
8. Entertainment after the graduation
9. Gule wamkulu entertaining some of the graduates