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A happy new year to all our dear students. We believe you rested well during the festive season.


Now it is back to class and books. The journey starts now without waiting for the examination period. The IOB staff wishes you well in 2018. We look to a fruitful year and that we will work hand in hand together.

We would like to inform you all that IOB curriculum is being reviewed to serve you better. Some of you will be our key stakeholders and your views on the current syllabus will be important. Please feel free to contribute so that we have the new syllabus that reflect realities on the ground. Please be informed that the new syllabus will be effective in 2020 and you will be given one-year notice.

We wish to inform you that we will go into partnership with the current tuition providers of IOB. Please make sure that you are taught well in class and that the syllabus is well covered before the examinations. You will be given a questionnaire during the examinations to fill in about your tuition provider. Take this exercise serious so that you can benefit as our student. If you have any concerns that you need us to step in, please let us know so that we engage with your tuition provider.

Please take note that at IOB level, the examinations have been finalized and we have recommended the results to the University of Malawi (UNIMA) where they will be released in due course. Again, please take your studies seriously and make hay while the sun shines.

This is a reminder to all students that deferment of examinations is done at least a month before examinations. If you are sick, please send us a certified medical report. If you do not communicate in advance, your fees will be forfeited


A number of students wrote the examinations without paying fees and authorization. This is theft and from now onwards such students will be penalized. Please note that from February 2018, we will be publishing on our website students that have paid their examinations. Should you not see your name on the list but you have already paid, please check with us.
At each centre, a list of those to write exams will be posted and only those that have paid will be given examination papers. Examination papers will be printed according to the number of students that have paid the fees. Make sure you pay your fees now so that you start studying for the May 2018 examination.
For Lilongwe students, we suggested that you pay and give deposit slips to the Union representative leader in the region; Gracious Msiska from K&M college and he shall forward everything to the office, so that you have one collection point for the modules and receipts. You will need your receipts during the examinations. Please do not submit receipts at the centre as you will be omitted on the examination list.CHEATING DURING EXAMINATIONS

All papers for the cheaters will not be marked. This is to say that if you cheat in one subject, all subjects being taken in that particular semester will not be marked. Bankers in training are supposed to be people of high integrity.


2018 membership
Please note that if you do not pay your subscription fees by 5 February 2018, your name will be deregistered. You will be required to pay K20,000 for you to be registered before you pay for your subscription fees.  You cannot be a student for IOB without paying for your membership fees. Please note that the membership fee is paid every year whether you are writing examinations or not.

Please note that our policy is that if you do not complete your particular level of study i.e. certificate within five years, then your credit points will be forfeited and you will be required to start all over again. Please take this policy seriously and this will start to be implemented in 2019. This is being back dated from 2014.

We encourage that you register your friends on the WhatsApp groups that were created. Some flush news will be communicated through such an informal channel. If a friend, is not on the group be the brother’s keeper and spread the news.

Please check your emails frequently for the examination results and other announcements. Practice to use the internet and search for banking documents as this will help you in your studies. Research your course work on the internet to strengthen your knowledge in banking.

The Institute has updated its website for easy interaction with you, our valued member students. The website includes recent past papers, student updates, useful links, Student MIS login and Syllabus just to mention a few. You are therefore encouraged to be checking news and announcements regularly on the website. All upcoming events and news will be posted on the website for your information. Any suggested improvements are very welcome. We really value your ideas. Visit to check out the website.

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Should you have any enquiry regarding IOB, please drop an email to Mr. Simeji Moya on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you come in person, meet him at the reception.