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This is a good opportunity for all school leavers who have finished school  and would like to pursue a career in banking .

Why You Should be a Member of Institute of Bankers in Malawi

  • Some Banking career opportunities are only open to those who have a professional Institute of Bankers in Malawi banking qualification.
  • The Institute of Bankers in Malawi is a professional body and becoming a member will enable you to be in touch with the opportunities and developments in banking.
  • By succeeding in Institute of bankers in Malawi studies members have a definite way of demonstrating their ability and potential. It is the one success factor that depends only on individual members.
  • The wide range of subjects available enables members to decide on their career direction by specializing in those areas that they find the most interesting in Banking
  • As the syllabus is arranged with practical banking in mind, the knowledge and skills gained can be put into immediate use and increase members value to a bank. This will enable members to work with confidence in any department of any bank in Malawi.
  • Becoming a member will enable you to participate in professional training & development opportunities such a working in banks of Malawi or even outside the country
  • Membership demonstrates that you meet professional standards of excellence respected all over the world.
  • You can attend a wide selection of seminars, conferences and other events that will help you increase your business and financial services knowledge, offer networking opportunities and add to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Entry Requirements

  • The Certificate in Banking courses are open to holders of MSCE with credit in English and Mathemtics or  equivalent qualifications while the Diploma program is open to those who have completed Certificate in Banking studies or those in possession of a degree from a recognized university or institution.

Programs on offer

IOB Malawi in partnership with the  the University of Malawi (UNIMA)  offers professional courses in banking leading to award of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Certificate in Banking

Certificate level comprises of eight subjects which are divided into Parts A and B each comprising of four subjects. Students are required to complete Part A before registering for subjects in Part B. The courses are as follows:

Diploma in Banking

There are eight subjects out of seventeen to be completed for the Diploma in Banking qualification and are sub-divided into generic core, specialist core and electives. Various combinations lead to the following areas of specialization:

  • Credit Management
  • Marketing
  • Treasury & International Banking
  • Estates & Trusts Management
  • Financial Planning

Advanced Diploma in Banking

This is a continuation from the area of specialization at Diploma level

        Graduate Members who have completed Advanced diploma in banking and have strong credits may apply for a mature entry Degree in banking at the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic.